Anglia lezárhatja határait,

a Brit miniszterelnök legfrissebb nyilatkozata szerint. A külföldi médiában -legalábbis eddig- alig lehet erről hallani. “Természetesen” a magyar “médiában” eddig semmi…

Forrrás: Bloomberg Businessweek





Prime Minister David Cameron said the U.K. is ready to close its borders to migrants should a crisis among countries using the euro lead to a rush of migrants.

“We obviously have contingency plans for all sorts of eventualities,” the prime minister told a committee of lawmakers in a question-and-answer session today. “The legal position is that if there are extraordinary stresses and strains, it is possible to take action to restrict migratory flows.”

Cameron added that while “obviously we hope that doesn’t happen,” he “would be prepared to do what it takes.”


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